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Meet famous Cucu Nyakairu in real life, his name, family, and his career journey

Meet famous Cucu Nyakairu in real life, his name, education, family, and his career journey

Cucu Wa Nyakairu is a famous Kenyan comedian who plays a role of an old woman called Nyakairu hence Cucu Nyakairu.

Cucu Nyakairu’s real name is Stephen Wanjohi Kairu, he was born in a small village called Mathioya ward in Muranga county. When he was a young boy his father got ill and at some point, he ended up losing his memory, so Stephen mimicked an old man or woman’s voice to control him.

About his education, Stephen went to Njumbi primary school and after there he joined Highway secondary school which is in Nairobi county he completed his secondary school education in the year 1994.

After his secondary school education, he started Street comedy where he was playing a role of an old man but later he realized that that role was flooded and thus he went for the role of the old woman as an alternative. Some years back he was airing a breakfast show on Inooro FM alongside Kamau Kangethe and Waithira Muithirania but he later quipped. About his profession, Stephen was working as a secretary in Nairobi Municipal council up to 2010.

About his family, Stephen is married to one wife and together they are blessed with 3 adorable children, 2 girls who are twins and a boy.