Ndindi Nyoro: Saving money will not make you rich -
Ndindi Nyoro: Saving money will not make you rich 'check out why'
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Ndindi Nyoro: Saving money will not make you rich

In business classes in college, the take home message is the culture of saving is the brake through to financial independence . Nonetheless, nothing can be further from the truth. We are made to believe saving a lot is straight way to becoming rich.

The economic pedestal platform indicates clearly that, the saving culture will contribute to a pool of money where investors, industrialists and those who engage in economic activities can borrow. The sad truth is that only those expanding their investments are the huge beneficiaries of this.

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These investments should create more job opportunities ,and help spike the economy. In any case, the modern today hailed call to save, is servitude to doctries that yield no outcomes. Saving just as a matter of principle leads to a never-ending destination that leads to mediocre lives.

Consequently, the need to saving can only happen if the expenditure is reduced. This implies living below your means .When you work so hard, the intrinsic motivation is to lead a good life with trappings of as much as can be afforded. This, unfortunately, is not possible if all you need to do is save.

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Truth is that to have a decent life, one need to grow their revenue sources, not compel the use. To be wealthy isn’t an assurance of saving from same stream. It is a variable of having more, not spending less. You bring in no cash by setting savings, its actually zero effort.

More money is just made by taking more business thus more income. This, gives one freedom to really burn-through more and enjoy life to the fullest. For instance if your revenue stream just bears the cost of you to live in a Sh30,000 each Month rental house, you bring in no cash by moving into a Sh20,000 house. Such is the zero effort saving culture.

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