Who Owns Maguna Andu Supermarkets; The Rise Of Simon.
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Who Owns Maguna Andu Supermarkets; The Rise Of Simon.

Magunas Supermarket is one of leading supermarkets in the country. Most people love to shop in this supermarket due to its relatively cheap prices.

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Each and every successful person always has a story to tell, Simon Wachira who owns Magunas supermarket can tell you that it was not something so easy to get where he is today.

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According to the story share by businessman to Standard media he started his business in 1980s.

Who Owns Maguna Andu Supermarkets; The Rise Of Simon.

Simon narrated his story to the standard media that left many astonished saying that he started as a hawkers and now the owner of a large business with many branches in the country.

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Simon is a role model and a mentor to many business people who want to prosper. Success is always in your hand and mind, you are the one to pull the right strings for it to happen.

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So many people always fear to start and business and later fail. Its quite true that every business has challenges, nothing comes so easy. That means for you to be successful, you have to learn to take risks.

If you are well determined and ready to work smart, then you may end up being successful.Right now Simons owns more than six Magunas brances around the country. He is offering job opportunities to so many people in the country.

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