King Tizian, Cutest Bodaboda Rider, Shares How Wababas Pay Him Ksh.10,000 for TikTok Replies

In a recent interview, the rapidly ascending TikTok sensation from Kenya, King Tizian, renowned as the most adorable Bodaboda rider in Nakuru and the entire country, revealed that some of his devoted TikTok followers generously reward him with Ksh.10,000 merely for acknowledging their comments.

King Tizian, who has amassed a substantial fanbase on TikTok, emphasized that despite facing criticism for his rapid success, his steadfast supporters continue to shower him with encouragement. Having already accumulated millions on TikTok, with the highest single contribution reaching Ksh.800,000 in less than four hours, Tizian acknowledged the duality of admiration and negativity prevalent in his journey.

In response to allegations of arrogance, Tizian explained that misconceptions arise due to a lack of understanding from everyone. He affirmed his gratitude for the considerable support from fans, recounting instances where they willingly compensated him, such as a spontaneous admirer who offered Ksh.10,000 simply for a TikTok response.