“Kama huna pesa kaa na mamako” – Justina Syokau tells broke men -

“Kama huna pesa kaa na mamako” – Justina Syokau tells broke men

Justina Syokau has expressed her ongoing quest for a wealthy individual who can provide her with the desired lifestyle she envisions.

The single mother elaborated that she was in search of a suitable location to park her newly acquired vehicle.

“I am currently seeking a man who is ready to buy me a house. A spacious residence with an extensive compound would fulfill my needs.”

The gospel artist further conveyed her perspective that individuals with limited financial means are not deserving of affection. She advised such men to refrain from wasting women’s time if they are unable to treat them with care and consideration.

“If you lack financial resources, then continue living with your mother who understands you better.”

Despite her single status, Justina affirmed her intention to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a self-indulgent manner.

“I intend to pamper myself, embark on a personal outing, and purchase gifts for my own enjoyment. Additionally, I am contemplating a journey to an exotic destination to commemorate this occasion,” she shared.

Justina encouraged unattached individuals to partake in solitary outings and indulge in self-care. She also cautioned against engaging in romantic relationships with married individuals.

“Ladies, refrain from pursuing married men, as being involved with someone else’s spouse is toxic and will lead to fruitless outcomes. Similarly, men should avoid entering relationships with married women,” she cautioned.

The artist behind the popular track “Twendi Twendi” emphasized her steadfast belief in never engaging in a romantic relationship with a married man, emphasizing the sanctity of marriage.

“For those who are in committed relationships, today is an opportunity for celebration. Regardless of financial circumstances, take this time to honor your partner.”

Justina encouraged individuals who have experienced acrimonious breakups to forgive, progress forward, and recover from the emotional wounds inflicted by past relationships.