“I miscarriage at 3 months,” Wema Sepetu reveals -

 “I miscarriage at 3 months,” Wema Sepetu reveals

Wema Sepetu, a former Tanzanian beauty queen, has expressed her utmost desire to become a mother above all else. She has consistently requested her fans to pray for her in achieving this dream. Wema has harbored the longing to have children for quite some time now.

Her current partner, Whozu, already has a child from a previous relationship. During an interview with Tanzanian media stations, Wema disclosed that she has been experiencing miscarriages, which prevent her pregnancies from progressing to full term.

Recently, a video depicting Wema with a pregnancy belly was edited and circulated online. The video quickly went viral, resulting in countless congratulations from her adoring fans. However, Wema clarified that she is not currently pregnant but hopes and prays that she will be in the near future.

Attending Barnaba’s wedding with her beloved Whozu, Wema emotionally shared her reaction to the video, stating, “It made me feel very emotional, I cried and sent it to my boyfriend. I took it very positively, as people called me and congratulated us, believing it to be true.”

Wema emphasized that her struggle with conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy is known worldwide, stating, “I have a problem, and when I do get pregnant, I unfortunately miscarry at around two to three months.”

When asked about her perspective on marriage, Wema expressed that she views it as a beautiful thing. While her primary desire is to have a child, she is open to getting married before starting a family as long as she is with Whozu.

Whozu revealed that Wema’s yearning to become pregnant has always been strong, and they both pray fervently for the realization of their dreams.