Baba Talisha Breaks Silence Over Reports He Stole Chira’s Burial Money, Reveals Why He Is Suing the Grandmother

Renowned social media personality Baba Talisha recently announced his decision to take legal action against Brian Chira’s grandmother, alleging defamation months after Chira’s funeral. Baba Talisha, who held the position of treasurer during the funeral arrangements, strongly refuted accusations of financial mismanagement, asserting his innocence in a video posted on TikTok.

In the video, Baba Talisha condemned what he described as false allegations spread by Chira’s grandmother and declared his intention to pursue legal recourse. “The slanderous remarks made by that grandmother are unacceptable. We’ll settle this matter in court. Defamation cannot go unchallenged,” he declared emphatically.

Expressing astonishment at the allegations leveled against him, Baba Talisha specifically addressed Chira’s grandmother’s claim of being uninformed about fundraising efforts for the funeral. In contrast to her narrative, he vehemently denied any mishandling of funds and reiterated his commitment to transparency in managing the funeral finances.

However, Chira’s grandmother recounted a different version of events, expressing feelings of alienation and powerlessness during the funeral preparations. She alleged that Baba Talisha’s purported spouse, Wanjiku, confiscated her phone, restricting her ability to communicate with others. “It felt like I was kept in the dark. Even my phone was confiscated. People tried to reach out to me, but they couldn’t, and it seemed as though I was disrespecting them,” she lamented.

At the heart of the dispute lies the accusation of financial impropriety, with Chira’s grandmother accusing Wanjiku of assuming control over the funeral funds without her consent. Despite revealing a remaining balance of Sh 1 million intended for funeral expenses after purchasing a house worth Sh 3.5 million, she claimed that illness prevented her from transferring the funds as planned. Allegedly, Wanjiku took advantage of the situation, withdrawing the money and subjecting her to verbal abuse.

“I had Sh 1 million left to transfer on Friday, but I fell ill. Wanjiku was the one withdrawing the money, and she insulted me,” Chira’s grandmother disclosed.

Furthermore, she claimed that Wanjiku threatened to freeze the funds, asserting that they belonged to the public. Additionally, she revealed that Baba Talisha intervened by covering her rent arrears, further complicating the situation.

“She told me she could withdraw the funds. Let them know that if the money isn’t in the bank account, they’ll provide it because they’re aware of all my M-Pesa and bank PINs,” she added, highlighting the extent of the alleged manipulation.

The conflicting narratives presented by Baba Talisha and Chira’s grandmother underscore the complexity of the situation, which now awaits resolution in a court of law.