Director Trevor is Dating She Kemunto After Breakup With Mungai Eve

Director Trevor has surprised many by reportedly entering a new relationship with social media influencer She Kemunto, mere months after his highly publicized breakup with Mungai Eve.

This development has caught the attention of fans who have closely followed Trevor’s personal and professional endeavors.

A recently surfaced video on social media depicts Trevor and Kemunto in an intimate setting, clad in coordinated attire. Their evident chemistry is palpable, with Kemunto affectionately addressing Trevor as her husband during a promotional video shoot. She encourages her followers to explore both her Instagram profile and Trevor’s, adding fuel to the speculation surrounding their relationship status.

Trevor had previously been in a longstanding relationship with fellow digital creator Mungai Eve. Their partnership, both personal and professional, spanned nearly five years and was extensively documented. However, on February 19, 2024, Trevor confirmed their separation via a series of Instagram Stories. He announced his assumption of full control over their joint YouTube channel, signaling the end of an era for their collaborative content creation.

She Kemunto, renowned for her vibrant social media presence, recently garnered attention through a series of candid disclosures shared by her Instagram followers. These authentic and verified revelations offered glimpses into the lives of numerous Kenyans, elevating Kemunto’s status in the social media sphere.

In a forthcoming interview, Kemunto candidly recounts her personal journey, disclosing that she became pregnant shortly after completing high school. Opting to prioritize parenthood over pursuing further education profoundly influenced her life and career trajectory.