Meet Nakuru Man Buying Old Cars at Ksh 35,000, later Sells Them for Millions (with pictures) -

Meet Nakuru Man Buying Old Cars at Ksh 35,000, later Sells Them for Millions (with pictures)

Prince Johnson, also known as Empire 007, is a car enthusiast from Nakuru County who has successfully turned his passion into a profitable business. In an interview with a vlogger on April 22, Johnson shared his love for classic cars and how it has helped him earn more than his IT job.

According to Johnson, he bought his first car for Ksh40,000 when he was just 16 years old and was shocked by how his family reacted. He also revealed that he has bought at least 100 cars for his venture, mostly abandoned and dilapidated classic cars that he restores and sells.

Johnson’s most expensive car cost him Ksh700,000, which he revamped for Ksh300,000 and sold for Ksh1.3 million, along with a Toyota Vitz. On the other hand, his cheapest car cost him Ksh35,000, and he spent Ksh150,000 to renovate it.

However, Johnson admits that getting spare parts for his classic cars is one of the biggest challenges he faces. Sometimes, he even buys different cars to source parts for one automobile. He also mentioned that revamping a car can take up to a year and is not a venture for the faint-hearted.

Despite the challenges, Johnson plans to continue running his business full-time and revamping more abandoned classic vehicles in the next four years. He also intends to organize an annual car show in liaison with other car enthusiasts in the county.

Johnson’s advice for anyone planning to join this venture is to understand their motivation, whether it’s for commercial purposes or as a hobby. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and for Johnson, his passion for classic cars has certainly turned into a treasure trove of opportunities.