Nadia Mukami Reveals Arrow Bwoy Was Not Her Type, “Alikuwa Anasimp.”

Kenyan pop artist Nadia Mukami recently revealed that her fiancé and fellow musician Arrow Bwoy was not initially her preferred choice when they first crossed paths.

During an interview with Radio Maisha, Nadia Mukami candidly shared their journey of collaborating on their popular song ‘Radio Love.’ She admitted that while they worked on the track together, neither of them had any intention of developing romantic feelings since Arrow Bwoy was not her ideal type.

“At the time, we were not in a romantic relationship. Even Arrow Bwoy wasn’t my preferred choice. He didn’t fit the mold of my usual type, but there was a certain connection between us.”

Arrow Bwoy also recounted how Nadia Mukami sent him her first three songs, and he was pleasantly surprised by her incredible talent. Recognizing their musical synergy, they decided to join forces, giving birth to their first collaboration, ‘Radio Love.’

Addressing their breakup in December of the previous year, they acknowledged that they had indeed experienced a separation but managed to resolve their issues amicably.

When asked about the cause of their problems, both individuals pointed fingers at each other, though they refrained from divulging specific details about the events that unfolded.

In a more sincere tone, Nadia revealed that Arrow Bwoy sought assistance from her mother to facilitate the resolution of their relationship issues.

Currently, they are promoting their new EP titled ‘Love And Vibes,’ granting fans an insight into the dynamics of their love life.