Where Are His Relatives? Kimani Mbugua’s Condition Worsens

Kimani Mbugua’s recent social media activity has stirred concern among Kenyans after he shared a video addressing individuals who owe him money, cautioning them about potential repercussions. The video, initially posted by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, depicts Kimani’s plea for prompt repayment of debts. A closer scrutiny of his recent online presence reveals a troubling trend, highlighting his pressing need for assistance.

In one video, Kimani Mbugua can be seen admonishing debtors, while in another, he unequivocally demands immediate settlement of outstanding dues. Merely a month ago, Kimani sought help to recover his phone following an alleged robbery incident that occurred while he was live on TikTok. According to his social media updates, Kimani narrated the incident, stating that it transpired during his morning walk in Jomoko, Thika.

“Guys, I was mugged this morning while I was live on TikTok by a person wielding a machete. I was out for my routine morning walk in Jomoko, Thika. Although I sustained injuries to my leg and hand, I am coping well.”

He further mentioned that he had reported the incident to the police.

“I have filed a report at Kiandutu police station under OB no 05/23/03/24. Despite the ordeal, I am managing, but unfortunately, I lost my Samsung A34, which was generously gifted by you all. It was crucial for my content creation endeavors. I appeal to the Kenya police to assist in its recovery.”

This isn’t the first time Kimani has reached out to the public for financial aid. Last year, he garnered support from Kenyans who collectively raised over Sh500,000 for the former TV personality. Initially requesting Sh200,000 to initiate a business venture due to financial constraints, Kimani’s appeal gained momentum, thanks in part to TikTok influencer Nyako, who significantly surpassed the fundraising target by more than doubling the initial amount.