Justina Syokau drops crush on Ringtone after Begging Him to Bed her -

Justina Syokau drops crush on Ringtone after Begging Him to Bed her

Justina Syokau was fervently expressing her desire to be with Ringtone, claiming that they were meant to be together. She declared her love for him during an interview on Mutembei TV, where she spoke as if she had just been struck by Cupid’s arrow.

Syokau praised Ringtone, saying that God had elevated him and that it was time for him to settle down with a wife. She urged him to make a move on her, expressing her belief that they could grow together as a couple.

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Confidently, Syokau assured viewers that 2022 would be the year she would walk down the aisle and hoped that Ringtone would be the one to marry her.

However, fast forward to 2023, and Justina’s feelings towards Ringtone have changed. In a recent interview, she slammed Ringtone, stating that she was no longer attracted to him because he did not have the financial means to meet her standards. She said,

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“Let’s not talk about Ringtone, he doesn’t have enough money to suit my standards. I wanted the property he owns but right now I am no longer attracted to that.”

It appears that for Justina, money has become more important than love.