Why 'gojus' Kwambox has never kissed a man since High School -

Why ‘gojus’ Kwambox has never kissed a man since High School

Morning Kiss presenter Sheila Kwamboka recently shared a humorous incident from her high school days during a conversation with her new co-host, Chito Ndhlovu. Kwamboka revealed that she was suspended for kissing a boy while they were cleaning the classroom in Form 3. Reflecting on the incident, she admitted that she has never kissed another man since then due to the shame it brought upon her family.

Chito, on the other hand, expressed his opinion that instead of suspending Kwamboka, the teacher should have taken the opportunity to guide her on the art of kissing.

In a separate discussion on the Morning show, Kwamboka shared her perspective on the ongoing drama between Zari and Diamond. She emphasized that there were many aspects to consider from their situation. Additionally, she advised men with children and baby mama drama to steer clear of her.

Chito, however, saw nothing wrong with Zari and Diamond’s co-parenting style, expressing his admiration for it.

Recently, Zari responded to her baby daddy’s claims that she wanted to have a third child with him. According to Diamond, Zari had suggested the idea of using a surrogate. These revelations were made during their appearance on the show Young, Famous, and African.

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