” My Song Trended But I’m Still Broke , Nateseka” Mzabibu Hitmaker Still Working as A Watchman.

Zablon Ndale was brimming with anticipation as the year 2024 unfolded, convinced that it heralded a transformative chapter in his life. A decade earlier, his musical creation “Mzabibu” had captivated online audiences, swiftly becoming a viral sensation and igniting discussions across various platforms.

Buoyed by the overwhelming response, he eagerly embraced the opportunity to share his story on a national stage, appearing on Citizen TV for an interview where promises of support flowed abundantly. From influential figures to prominent business personalities, pledges of assistance poured in, painting a promising picture of a future adorned with stardom.

However, as the weeks passed, the fervor waned, and the assurances evaporated like morning mist. Despite assurances from well-meaning individuals, including his local Member of Parliament, commitments remained unfulfilled, leaving Zablon disillusioned and disheartened.

In his own words, the pledges of heaven transformed into a bleak reality resembling hell. The once eager supporters now seemed distant, unresponsive to his pleas for assistance in bringing “Mzabibu” to life through a music video.

Compounding his disappointment, opportunities to showcase his talent on larger platforms failed to materialize. Instead, he found himself relegated to performing at small-scale events, earning a meager sum of 200 Kenyan shillings as reimbursement for his efforts.

Unfazed by setbacks, Zablon continues to navigate life with resilience, balancing his roles as a security personnel and part-time pastor to sustain himself. Despite the setbacks, he remains steadfast in his belief that the support he needs will eventually materialize, ushering in the next chapter of his journey as a musician.