The mystery of Kenya's Sh100m girl Felista Njoroge

The mystery of Kenya’s Sh100m girl Felista Njoroge

For the past couple of days, a woman has gotten the nation’s after a shocking amount of money that was deposited to her bank.

Reports say that subsequent to being questioned, the young lady said she had gotten the cash as a gift from his Mzungu boyfriend.

However the mystery of this 21-year-old girl whose bank account ballooned from zero shillings to Sh102 in days developed yesterday after it emerged that she had left the country.

Felista Nyamithira Njoroge, described as a student at Nairobi Technical Training Institute (NTTI) is said to have left the country on October 2, two days after the Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) moved to a Nairobi court to freeze transactions of the monies

At the point when a clarification was sought, Ms Njoroge let the investigators know that the monies were for investing into “land projects and safaris.”

Her sweetheart, who has now been identified as a famous digital currency guru said he gave the cash willingly.

Kenyans who responded to the said report asked all involved to allow the young lady to go through her money in peace.