My Real Brother Used To Sleep With Me And My Mother Encouraged This Act, She Hated Me- Rose

Rose Njoki from Nyandarua bravely shares her painful past, recounting how her own biological brother took advantage of her, all while their mother turned a blind eye and even encouraged this distressing behavior due to a deep-seated hatred towards Rose.

Born and raised in a family of five, Rose’s world shattered when her father’s prolonged absence for work left her vulnerable to mistreatment.

Her mother, seemingly devoid of maternal affection, forced Rose to abandon her education and shoulder the burden of household chores.

As her mother spent days away, selling goods in a distant market, Rose, at a tender age, was left to fend for her younger siblings, including preparing meals.

It was during one of these lonely nights that Rose’s elder brother, exploiting the situation, violated her trust, forever altering the course of her life.

Shockingly, when Rose mustered the courage to confide in her mother, she was met with callous indifference and an explicit command to keep silent.

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The nightmare persisted, with Rose’s brother coercing her into secret encounters, locking them away from prying eyes.

Bafflingly, her mother, instead of protecting her, seemed complicit in this unspeakable abuse.

Tragedy struck when Rose’s father returned gravely ill, passing away after only two days. With his demise, Rose’s situation grew even direr.

Fleeing her home, she sought refuge as a domestic worker, eventually finding solace in marriage.

Despite her brother’s passing six years ago, Rose grapples with haunting apparitions, reliving the trauma.

This unrelenting pain has driven her to substance abuse, leaving her desperate for divine intervention.

Rose now pleads for a compassionate servant of God to perform a much-needed deliverance.

For Rose, forgiveness has come, even towards the mother who failed to protect her in her darkest hours.