Kisumu ‘Dancing chief’ in viral TikTok video finally speaks -

Kisumu ‘Dancing chief’ in viral TikTok video finally speaks

The Kisumu-based assistant chief in the now-viral ‘Kunakuna song-dance competition’ TikTok video is speaking out.

The administrator, named as John Migun, was caught on camera dancing to the song Kuna Kuna by Fathermore, Brandy Maina, and Savara.

Migun told a local magazine that he is the assistant head of Kisumu Central’s Northern Sub-location.

He claims the viral video that enraged netizens was shot in a neighborhood tavern where he was having a late lunch with his colleagues following a patrol.
He claims he was also on a mission for an undercover drug probe.


Migun also remarked that the video has increased his outreach to neighbors and made him more popular among young people.

It has also helped him access information intelligence reports easily.

“My video was taken after patrol. We were having lunch na pia tulikua tunafanya bambo ya under cover on drugs. Alafu wimbo ninaoupenda ukacheza. Someone recorded a video na sikutarajia itatrend.”

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“Video imenisaidia ikilingana na mambo ya youth, inasidia ku-interact na youth. Nimeona nafahamika sana.”

Terming the video as God’s plan, Migun added that he is passionate about his job and will continue to serve the people of Kisumu.

On his background, he said he was born and bred in Kisumu and completed his secondary education at Kisumu Boys High School.

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While growing up, he was nicknamed ‘Baby’ by his maternal grandmother because of his light skin complexion though he says he has now darkened.

He previously worked as an international basketball coach.