5 most marketable University courses you can pursue after KCSE

Choosing a course after one is done with their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) can be a very daunting task.

If not done well, one is likely to spend their hard-earned money paying for courses that have little to no value in the near future.

While it is advisable to choose what we love or something we are passionate about, it is equally important to select a course that will help you secure an income soon as you finally start ‘adulting’.

So, what next after KCSE?

Here are some of the courses we rummaged through and compiled for you.


According to various research points, Medicine is considered one of the most marketable courses in the country.

One can easily enroll for Bachelor’s degree depending on their grade and financial capability as Medicine provides vast areas of study.

However, if you somehow missed out on either of the two, you may decide to enroll at tertiary institutions and pursue nursing or even mortuary science among others.

The trick is to research what you can do in the industry and give it a shot.

Information Technology

The course provides a wide range of opportunities to choose from given the dynamics of the modern-day world.

Conducting thorough research on the subjects and what you would want to pursue in IT will give you the footing you need as you navigate through the course.

It is also highly marketable considering the basics that the world is going digital. You can get freelance jobs, be hired by organisations or even be self-employed.

Special Needs Education

Owing to the few number of special needs teachers in the country, this is your perfect opportunity since the course has increased demand.

Apart from teaching within the country, one could widen their search for jobs outside the country since there are more vacancies but fewer teachers.

Depending on the speciality such as dealing with the visually impaired, the hearing impaired, the mentally challenged, the physically challenged and even those suffering from autism, the course provides the much-needed career path that will set you off on the right foot later in life.


A degree in journalism is likely to open your window of success given the wide range of careers to choose from.

With a degree in journalism, one is able to work in Media, Public Relations entities, Marketing and Advertising fields among other flexible options.

You can also easily create jobs and operate as a self-employed personnel thanks to various opportunities brought by the digital era.

Digital Marketing

Given the fact that the world is evolving to digital, getting a hold of the necessary skills in marketing is likely to put you at the front careerwise.

With the continuous growth and expansion of companies and organisations to the modern-day digital space, companies are looking for people with adverse knowledge of the course.

This list is random and might not be absolute. It also might not be the correct representation of everyone’s dream.