Nakuru Couple Holds A Wedding Without Food And Entertainment.
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Nakuru Couple Holds A Wedding Without Food And Entertainment.

The rather unusual wedding of Mary Wairimu and Amos Mburu in Molo, Nakuru County was attended by 30 guests with the seats placed in accordance with the Covid-19 protocols.

The wedding which took less than one hour saw curious guests disappointed as there was no smoke coming from the church’s kitchen.

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“We expected lots of food and entertainment but we can’t see the food here. There is no smoke in the kitchen so I guess everyone will go home hungry,” said one of the guests.

The disappointed guests speaking to NTV said that they expected meat and rice but returned home hungry.

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“We had to respect the guidelines. For those unable to come we ask for your forgiveness we would have wanted you to be here but it was impossible,” said the groom.

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However, the clergy present at the wedding said that it was wrong for armed police to be present in the church during the wedding seeing that it sent panic among the guests.

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