Atwoli defends President Ruto over his Ksh.200 million Luxury Trip to the US

President Ruto recently returned to the country following a four-day diplomatic mission to the United States, where he engaged in discussions with notable leaders such as Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The primary objective of his visit was to enhance bilateral relations between Kenya and the US, alongside deliberations with President Biden regarding the potential deployment of Kenyan troops to Haiti.

While the excursion garnered attention and praise for its diplomatic significance, it also faced scrutiny from a segment of the public. Critics questioned the necessity of the estimated Ksh 200 million expenditure solely on transportation, particularly the utilization of a private jet.

In response to the backlash, COTU Secretary General Atwoli stepped forward to defend President Ruto’s choice of travel arrangements. Atwoli emphasized the importance of maintaining the president’s dignity and international stature, suggesting that utilizing public aviation options could compromise his image on the global stage.

Atwoli further illustrated the scale of financial commitments required for impactful leadership initiatives, citing his own expenditure of over 200 million shillings to convene leaders at Bukhungu. Despite the fiscal scrutiny, Ruto remains steadfast in his belief that the outcomes of his diplomatic efforts will yield positive outcomes for Kenya’s future.