Paka Akitoka Panya Hutawala! Samidoh And Nyamu Enjoy Home While Eddy Is Away

Controversial Mugithi artist Samidoh and his two-time baby momma, nominated senator Karen Nyamu, appear to be enjoying their time together at home while Samidoh’s first wife and their children are currently in the USA for a visit.

A viral video surfaced, showing the couple sitting beside a bonfire, indulging in a bottle of wine while watching a movie. In another clip, Samidoh playfully reenacts a TikTok video, while Nyamu tries to catch his attention.

Last month, Edday Nderitu, Samidoh’s wife, left the country and has hinted that she has no plans to return to Kenya. According to a report from Nairobi News, it seems that Edday’s decision to remain in the United States is final.

Edday recently traveled to the United States with their three children for a vacation, intending to find employment and establish a permanent residence in a country known for its abundant opportunities. Sources suggest that Edday’s choice to stay in the United States is primarily due to the stress caused by Samidoh’s relationship with Karen Nyamu. By remaining in the United States, Edday hopes to avoid further issues and difficulties.

Further igniting the situation, Samidoh failed to publicly acknowledge or extend well wishes to Edday on her recent birthday, leading to criticism from fans who accused him of apparent indifference.

During one of Samidoh’s concerts in Dubai, a recent incident unfolded involving nominated senator Karen Nyamu and Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu. Allegedly under the influence, Karen caused a scene and confronted Edday in front of onlookers. The situation escalated, resulting in Edday slapping Karen, and bouncers had to intervene and remove her from the premises.

Despite the ups and downs between Samidoh and Nyamu, it seems that the two are drawn to each other and find joy in each other’s company.