"UMALAYA WEWE..." SI TUENDE NYUMA YA TRUCK NIKUPEE.' Kondele 'prostitutes' have no time for Rooms -
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“UMALAYA WEWE…” SI TUENDE NYUMA YA TRUCK NIKUPEE.’ Kondele ‘prostitutes’ have no time for Rooms

Kondele is arguably Kisumu City’s ‘shot time’ district.Prostitution is rife here considering the large number of prostitutes who prowl the shops and pubs at night, the myriad dinghy hovels where sex goes on 24 hours a day and bend-over corners which are necessitated by anything shadow here,Welcome to Kondele.

Services are offered on credit basis with the expectation of being paid when the month ends.Others its batter trade their services for fish.

Underage Girls

Kondele Exposed: Kisumu's new home of prostitutes 'Sodom and Gomorrah

Tragically young girls aged 15 have been baited into the business either by brothel managers or more established whores,not excluding family members.

The vast majority of the girls are from humble backgrounds, while others are school going children who participate in the business during the holidays.

Between the Lorries

At the focal point of Kondele’s thriving business are lorries associated with the vibrant transport business ,which is economy driver in Kondele,

Kondele Exposed: Kisumu's new home of prostitutes 'Sodom and Gomorrah

They can be clearly seen parked outside brothels where more than 70% of the rooms are occupied by prostitutes.However, not all whores at Kondele can manage the cost of the rooms, they in this manner charge for any man intrested in their services.

In the event where the man can’t afford to pay for the ‘shot’ and the room they bend over between lorries for a quick service which could cost Sh50 or less.

“There is genuine franticness here,” says Jeremy Otieno who has been ‘serviced’ on a number of occasions for just Sh20.

HIV prevelance in Kisumu is the highest in the country owing to the temptation for many women to earn more, hence forgoing condoms.

Despite hiv not been a preserve of Kondele, it is Kondele that have the highest concentration of brothels which operate both day and night.

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