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Mother in shock as 13-year-old daughter names her uncle and another man as father of her child [Watch]

Mother of 13-year-old girl is in shock after her daughter named her uncle as father of her child.

Fati Garibah, who was on Nhyira FM’s Obra show, told Mama Efe that when her daughter got pregnant three years ago, she mentioned her boyfriend, Frukani Abubakari, as being responsible.

But in a twist of events, the girl claims she couldn’t identify the father of her child because she had sexual intercourse with both her uncle and the boyfriend.

According to her, the uncle had an affair with her in the absence of his wife, but at the same time she had sex with the boyfriend anytime she visited.

“I started having an affair with Frukani at class six in his grandmother’s room in her absence, but when I got pregnant, I informed my uncle; he gave me money for a pregnancy test, but I refused and provided him with fake results because I used my friend’s urine for the test,” she said.

But the two accused men on the show denied the accusations.

Frukani told Mama Efe that he has no relationship with the girl and mentioned another lady as his girlfriend.

“I’m surprised she has accused me of dating her; aside from my girlfriend, I don’t have intercourse with any lady,” he claimed.

The uncle, Mustapha Mohammed, also pleaded with Mama Effe and the Obra team to conduct a paternity test to save him from the accusations.

The Obra team will support the mother for a DNA test in pursuit of finding the father of her grandson.