Meet Inooro TV presenter Hellen Muthoni and why she hawked Bananas
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Meet Inooro TV presenter Hellen Muthoni and why she hawked Bananas

Hellen Muthoni is a TV presenter of Inooro tv where she has a show which is broadcasted every Sunday morning, she hosts the show alongside DJ Covenant. Her show is among the best Gospel shows on Kikuyu TVs since she and Dj Covenant do their think with lots of passion.

Hellen was born in Kiambu county in Gatundu , she is a third born in her family. She was born in a rich family however things changed after her dad died in the 1998 bomb bomb blast. After the death of her dad, they were pushed away by their family members who later took their properties.

After they were thrown out of their home away from their home, they moved back to their grandparent’s becametaufg for hellen whereby she started hawking bananas, to cater to the needs of her younger brother because her elder brothers and sisters had moved to Nairobi to look for jobs.

About her schooling, after finishing primary school education, she contemplated whether she would join the secondary school since cash was an issue in their family, yet by some good luck, her elder sister wedded a spouse who was a doctor, who paid school charges for her.

After secondary, she set off for college where she did journalism and media studies, she later went for an audition where she emerged the best, thus joining Inooro TV. She is however in the market single and maybe searching at team mafisi whatever you do with info is up to you.