Andrew Kibe ,Naskia Diana B "Poko ya Mtaa" amenitaja kwa Ngoma yake -

Andrew Kibe ,Naskia Diana B “Poko ya Mtaa” amenitaja kwa Ngoma yake

Diana Bahati has declared her intention to return to the music scene by announcing the release of her new song today. This comes after days of clout chasing and beefing with Andrew Kibe, who correctly predicted that she was using him to gain traction and promote her music.

In one of his YouTube shows, Kibe criticized Bahati’s music and urged her to just release her new song. However, Bahati responded by trolling Kibe on her social media pages, claiming that he was a poor man.

Despite the online beef, Bahati has announced her return to the studio to produce music for the market and streets. In an Instagram post, she stated, “NIMEMALIZA KUZAA …. #NARUDISOKO 🙈 DIANA B! IS BACK AGAIN 🎬 Today at 1pm on YouTube I Drop My First Song of the Year. Hii Sio Ya Kukosa!!!”

It is clear that Bahati was using Kibe to gain attention for her music, as they already had an ongoing online feud since Kibe made comments about her marriage and lifestyle on his YouTube show.