Onsongo Comedian: The Grade 4 Boy From Nyamira County Making 900k A Month From Tiktok

Onsongo emerged as a promising comedian in Kenya, making his industry debut in early 2020. However, it wasn’t until mid-2021 that his comedic video gained viral traction on social media, thrusting him into the limelight. Since then, he has consistently produced engaging content, amassing a substantial following.

His dedication to comedy has not only fueled his popularity but has also demonstrated the viability of a successful career in the field. Onsongo has expressed his intent to fully commit to comedy in the future. Notably, he has garnered recognition from industry luminaries such as Churchill, Culture Six, Mike Wako, Eve Mungai, Nyakundi the Actor, Presenter Ali, and Nyamwembe TV.

Beyond his comedic prowess, Onsongo is swiftly accumulating wealth. Recent YouTube earnings records indicate a minimum salary of Ksh. 100,000, with the potential for more based on view counts. In addition to YouTube revenue, he secures extra income through endorsements, donations, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. With his financial trajectory, he could soon join the ranks of millionaire YouTubers like Mungai Eve and her boyfriend Trevor.

Onsongo’s YouTube channel boasts over 200k subscribers and features a plethora of videos with thousands of views. These achievements underscore the remarkable talent and potential of this 12-year-old comedian.