” Anajipendekeza Kwa Charlene, Hakuna Kitu Hapo” CassyPool Exposes Daddy Owen.

Content creator and critic, CassyPool, decided to share insights on the highly publicized relationship between Daddy Owen and Charlene Ruto.

Online speculations have been circulating, suggesting a romantic involvement between Daddy Owen and Charlene Ruto. This speculation gained momentum when the singer introduced the president’s daughter to his mother in Kakamega. The rumors intensified further when Daddy Owen abruptly ended an interview upon being questioned about his relationship with Charlene Ruto.

However, CassyPool took a different stance by casting doubt on the authenticity of the alleged romance. CassyPool suggested that Daddy Owen’s actions were driven by a desire to be close to affluent individuals. According to CassyPool, Daddy Owen has a tendency to gravitate towards wealth, and wherever there is money, Daddy Owen is likely to be present.

CassyPool emphatically asserted that there is no genuine connection between Daddy Owen and Charlene Ruto. He dismissed the narrative as mere clout-chasing and urged people not to buy into the story. Based on his familiarity with Daddy Owen, CassyPool claimed that the singer’s motives were solely centered on financial gain.

“Daddy Owen is someone who seeks favor, even if you tell him there’s money at a funeral, you’ll find him there with the deceased – that’s his behavior, there’s nothing substantial in that scenario,” CassyPool remarked.