Woman Gives Birth in the Morning, Ends Up Washing the Baby with Cold Water in the Evening, Dies, and Buries the Child in Her Farm

In the village of Kawiti in Kamuma Sub Location, Maurine Anyango, a 32-year-old woman, currently finds herself detained at the Oyugis police station on suspicion of having caused the death of her newborn child.

The disturbing revelation about the one-day-old baby unfolded when concerned neighbors, noticing the infant’s absence, reported their apprehensions to the local assistant chief.

Maurine Anyango was apprehended on the night of Saturday, and the emerging details depicted a disconcerting narrative.

According to Colins Joram, the assistant chief of Kamuma sub-location, Maurine, a mother of three, had given birth with the assistance of a community health promoter on Thursday before returning home.

Alarming concerns were raised when Maurine’s children reported witnessing their mother immersing the newborn in cold water on Friday.

Upon returning home from school later that day, they discovered the lifeless baby on the bed, wrapped in a white towel.

In a chilling twist of events, Maurine allegedly instructed her sixth-grade daughter to accompany her to a nearby farm later that night, where she buried the child in a box.

Prompted by the neighbors’ report, the police, with Maurine’s cooperation, located the site where the newborn had been buried. Officers from the Oyugis police station exhumed the tiny body, and Maurine Anyango was promptly taken into custody.