Murang’a Drama as a a man is caught in bed with his brother’s wife.

Drama unfolded in Murang’a town when a woman was discovered in a guest room with her husband’s stepbrother. Peter Murira, the husband, narrated that he had left home for work the previous morning, leaving 250 Kenyan Shillings for supper, as he anticipated returning home late.

“I left 250 shillings for supper for Njambi and went to sell insurance. I got home around 9 pm and found Muiruri had come to visit. We exchanged pleasantries and later went to bed. I noticed them laughing together, but I assumed it was just friendly banter,” Murira explained.

“In the morning, after showering, I bid farewell to Muiruri as he was heading back to his place. Around 7 am, while going about my insurance rounds, I saw my wife and Muiruri. Initially, I thought they had gone to the bus stop, but soon realized they entered nearby rooms close to the club tickers,” Murira continued. “I followed them, thinking they were maybe finalizing some business, perhaps intending to purchase the room. So, I waited.”

“Eventually, I got tired and called a friend. That’s when I discovered this scandal unfolding before my eyes. I no longer want this woman, and the chaos from today is not about my brother anymore. Let her go her way; we don’t even have children,” bitterly stated Murira.

Incidents of infidelity are reportedly increasing in Murang’a County. Dr. Stacy Kiragu, a counselor in the town, emphasized that trust and loyalty are crucial for a lasting marriage in the face of such challenges.