Angry Nyamira villagers kill son who stabbed his mother to death over Ksh500

Police have launched investigations after an enraged mob lynched a man who had fatally stabbed his mother over Ksh500 in Kemera location, Nyamira County.

The deceased, identified as Wesley Ondieki, was discovered hiding in Omogwa village, Kemera location, where he was apprehended and killed by an angry mob.

According to police reports, Wesley Ondieki attacked his mother when she refused to give him money that she had received from mourners who were consoling the family after his father’s death. During the incident, Ondieki also assaulted his sister, leaving her with serious injuries, before fleeing the scene.

Villagers eventually caught him, beat him to death, and then burned his body. The mother’s body was taken to Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital, while Ondieki’s charred remains were transported to Tombe Hospital morgue.

Meanwhile, the Kemera Location chief urged youths to stay away from drugs and criticized the residents for taking the law into their own hands instead of handing the suspect over to the police.

In a separate incident, police rescued a 24-year-old man from an angry mob after he killed his 40-year-old wife in Mwingi West, Kitui County. The man had confessed to murdering his lover, who was also his former employer, in a love triangle dispute.

Kyethani Location Chief Mwikali Musili explained that Mbuvi, who had a romantic relationship with Serah, his former boss, became involved in a conflict when another man entered the picture, causing tensions to escalate.

“The suspect stated that he lived with the woman as a couple. Recently, another man from Garissa arrived, and the disputes began,” the chief said.

Mbuvi, who was not known to the villagers, killed Serah by striking her with a piece of wood.