” Mbwa KoKo Wewe” Angry Eve Mungai and Boyfriend Respond to Nyako.

A fresh feud has recently ignited within the realm of social media, pitting Nyako, who has declared herself the President of TikTok, against the well-known blogger Eve Mungai and her partner, Director Trevor. This heated rivalry was instigated by the unfolding narrative of Brian Chira.

Upon catching wind of Brian Chira’s story, Nyako felt compelled to offer her assistance. However, her approach began with a vehement warning aimed primarily at bloggers, particularly targeting Mungai Eve. Nyako cautioned Eve against conducting an interview with Brian Chira, delivering her message with a sharp and abrasive tone. She did not mince words, resorting to offensive language as she castigated Eve and brought up her controversial past.

Nyako pointed out that despite Eve’s considerable wealth as one of Kenya’s affluent bloggers, there was no evidence of her contributing to the community or assisting those in need, despite amassing substantial earnings from her blogging endeavors.

Nyako’s harsh comments served as a catalyst, triggering a fiery response from Director Trevor, who happens to be Mungai Eve’s boyfriend. Trevor chose to counter Nyako’s verbal onslaught with his own barrage of words.

Trevor commenced his rebuttal by employing coarse language to describe Nyako, likening her to a person of low moral character and drawing an unflattering comparison to a stray dog.