Andrew Kibe Claims Nelly Oaks Will “Malinate” Akothee’s Daughters

According to Kibe, Nelly Oaks maintained communication with Akothee’s daughters even after their breakup.

Kibe asserted that Nelly Oaks would frequently check on the girls, playing a role similar to that of a stepfather.

“Do you see this? This guy is finally doing what he should have done from the start. He played the long game. Date the mom, wait a few months, make sure you keep in touch, ensure things seem fine and working out. Send small texts to each of the daughters, individually checking on them like a proper stepfather,” expressed the radio presenter turned content creator.

He also alleged that Nelly Oaks invited Vesha and Rue Baby to a wines and spirits shop where they were having a party, with the intention of supporting his friend.

“One day, he invited them and said, ‘You know, a friend of mine just opened a new wines and spirits shop. Would you like to come and support him?’ And they replied, ‘Sure, we’ll come,'” Kibe stated.

However, Kibe suspects that an intimate relationship between Nelly Oaks and Akothee’s daughters may have already occurred or could potentially happen.

“Look at that guy. He’s going to conquer all those high-class girls. They are about to experience… This guy knows how to handle both the mother hen and her chicks, I swear. Now that he has won the mother, he’s going to win the daughters too,” he remarked.

It is worth noting that Nelly Oaks attended Vesha’s birthday party.

Akothee, responding to this, mentioned that he should also attend her birthday.

“Happy birthday, girl! Send my regards to Nelly. Tell him that my birthday is coming up next. If he misses it, I’ll cry. Family,” the mother of five wrote.