Man reveals how he used to trick his grandmother into giving him money to ‘buy a ringtone’ for her phone

A man recently shared on TikTok the methods he uses to fraudulently take money from his grandmother. This TikTok user, who goes by the handle @adamofori, explained that whenever he runs out of money, he tricks his grandmother by muting her phone and telling her that she needs to pay for a service to restore the sound. Unaware of the scam, his grandmother gives him money to supposedly buy a new ringtone.

In his own words, he stated: “I put my grandmother’s phone on silent and told her that the phone’s sound was complete. She needed to give me money to buy another one.”

Following his confession, other TikTok users also shared stories about how they deceived their elders to gain favors. One user, for example, recounted how he simply turned off flight mode on his grandmother’s phone, leading her to believe he was a phone expert and spreading the word around their village.

Comments from other users included:

“Once I took my grandmother’s phone off flight mode, she told everyone in the neighborhood that I could fix phones,” shared Queenmother.

Another user recounted, “Grandfather went to the MTN office with his small phone to change its ringtone. 😂😂 I was shocked when he came back and told me this.”

A different user lamented, “My question is, where do these elders get their money from? Many of them have more money than us young people.”