Mashirima Kapombe And Captain Otoyo Adorable Son Photos Causes waves Online-PHOTOS

Citizen Tv presenter Mashirima Kapombe is among the most decent and confidential celebrities in Kenya.

Mashirima sired with a fellow coastal celebrity from Kaloleni, Kilifi County.

Mashirima’s son named Kenga came after her relationship debut with comedian Kazungu Matano well known for his stage name as Captain Otoyo Sibuor.

Although, Mashirima is raising Kenga as a single mother, the two celebrities brought forth a handsome baby boy.

Kenga previously turned seven years old and his mother tossed a wonderful cartoon-themed party with a two-story cake that was well-received by his pals and family. 

The birthday looked like a strategy towards revamping a long-lasting relationship. 

Mashirima and Kenga seem to have an outstanding bond. Before her son’s birthday, she posted a throwback video with him. 

The tape shows Kenga banding a nursery rhyme with his mother lipsyncing alongside him.

She captioned the video,”was taken 2 years ago”  and sprinkled her heart out for her pile of happiness as they experienced the special period together. 

Mashirima who is a delighted Giriama recently posted a picture of herself and Kenga promoting a local entrepreneur who sells everything made from cashew nuts (nuts that are primarily found on the Kenyan coast).

It seems Kenga and Mashirima were having a mother-son day out at the made in Kenya festival where they were supporting a dealer called Kaya Nuts. 

Kenga was a fortunate trailer that day as he bagged lots of goodies.