Baba Talisha Reveals That There Will Be Fundraising For Chira’s Thanksgiving.

Faustine Don, also known as Baba Talisha, has emerged with a clear vision following the completion of Brian Chira’s burial arrangements. Despite the controversies and questions surrounding the handling of funds and the unfortunate passing of Brian Chira, Baba Talisha appears resolute in moving forward.

The saga surrounding Brian Chira has attracted the attention of Truthwatchdog, prompting inquiries into his demise. An amount of Ksh.8 million was generously raised by TikTok users with the intention to support Brian Chira’s grandmother, including plans for a new home. However, this noble act has been shadowed by speculations and rumors regarding the utilization of these funds.

Nonetheless, Baba Talisha has stepped forward with a proactive initiative. He has announced plans for a special thanksgiving event, scheduled for June, to honor all those who contributed to Brian Chira’s burial arrangements. The venue for this occasion will be a children’s home, emphasizing a spirit of giving back to the community.

Baba Talisha has further outlined a fundraising campaign led by TikTok users, with all proceeds directed towards the children’s home’s Paybill number. The primary objective is to provide essential items such as mattresses and other necessities for the children residing there. Additionally, Chira’s clothing will be generously donated to benefit the children in need.

Encouraging unity among TikTok users, Baba Talisha has called for collective efforts to ensure the success of this initiative, mirroring the support extended during Brian Chira’s time of need. He has assured the public of forthcoming details regarding the event, rallying them to join him in making a significant impact at the children’s home.