‘Respect your campaigner for African Union job’, Kenya Kwanza leaders warn Raila for criticizing president Ruto

Kenya Kwanza leaders, spearheaded by National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah, issued a stern caution to Azimio leader Raila Odinga on Saturday, May 4, 2024, advising him against criticizing President William Ruto, who is actively campaigning for the African Union Commission (AUC) Chairperson position.

Addressing a gathering in Teso North, Busia County, Ichung’wah, alongside Senate Majority Leader Aaron Cheruyot, emphasized the importance of humility in Raila’s interactions, underscoring that such behavior is crucial for the continued support of his AUC candidacy by the Kenya Kwanza government.

Ichung’wah remarked, “Our plea to our esteemed colleague Raila is this: William Ruto possesses a superior grasp of economic intricacies and has effectively navigated our nation’s economic landscape. Moreover, he exhibits a profound understanding of our nation’s political dynamics, having secured victory against you in past elections despite your endorsement by the incumbent regime. His comprehension extends to global politics, evident in his facilitation of your AUC aspirations.”

He continued, “Should you seek assistance, my brother, exhibit humility. The AUC Chairmanship is a role demanding humility and garnering respect continent-wide and globally. Therefore, show deference to your principal campaigner, Ruto, who tirelessly advocates for your cause.”

Similarly, Cheruiyot expressed disappointment in Raila’s apparent lack of acknowledgment for the president’s support towards his AUC aspirations. “While we fervently desire Raila’s ascension to the AUC Chairmanship, recent media engagements have been disheartening. Instead of maintaining composure in gratitude for the support extended, Raila chose to disparage his chief advocate. We are extending a helping hand; he is in the ditch, and even before he rises, he initiates castigations against those aiding him,” remarked the Kericho Senator.

He concluded, “Let us beseech you to comport yourself as a dignified statesman and recognize the altruism of our efforts in facilitating your AUC Chairmanship.”

The Kenya Kwanza leaders’ remarks were prompted by Raila Odinga’s criticism of the government’s handling of the floods crisis in the country.

However, Saboti Member of Parliament (MP) Caleb Amisi came to Raila’s defense, refuting attacks from UDA leaders and asserting that Raila is indeed deserving of the AUC Chairperson position.

Amisi alleged that President Ruto’s support for Raila’s AUC bid was driven by a desire to extricate him from Kenyan politics and shield his administration from criticism.

“Kenya Kwanza’s disoriented lieutenants express profound dismay at Raila Odinga’s critique of the government. Ruto’s frantic continental pursuits are not aimed at securing Raila a job but rather at expunging him from the political arena to enable the unabated subjugation of Kenyans,” Amisi declared on X.