Moya David Explains Why He Stopped Surprising People in The Streets

Kenyan dancer Moya David recently shared the reasons behind his decision to cease his spontaneous street performances and surprising people. In an interview with Mungai Eve, Moya, who has established his own company called ‘Moya Surprises Limited Company,’ disclosed that his extensive travels to 15 different countries prompted him to pursue a more professional approach. His company currently employs over 10 individuals and focuses on orchestrating surprises and delivering thoughtful gifts to loved ones on special occasions. To date, they have successfully surprised over 2,000 people.

Moreover, Moya David also actively runs a foundation dedicated to assisting individuals dealing with significant challenges in their lives. He emphasized that their foundation specifically seeks out individuals who genuinely require assistance. Moya elaborated on their proactive approach, stating that they carefully identify individuals in need before providing support, as they believe in making a long-term commitment to those they aid.

Moya further explained the rationale behind his reduced production of street performance videos. He highlighted the fact that their charitable efforts involve a comprehensive evaluation process to identify individuals who can benefit from sustained support. Rather than merely offering a one-time delivery of essential supplies like maize flour, they focus on individuals with ongoing needs, such as students lacking school fees or those requiring assistance with medical bills. Moya emphasized the importance of conducting thorough background checks and involving the beneficiaries throughout the entire support process. Although he refrains from extensively filming videos featuring the foundation’s work, he expressed his genuine desire to assist people in need.

In addition to his philanthropic endeavors, Moya David has achieved significant success on social media. He holds the distinction of being the most followed Kenyan on TikTok, with an impressive following of over 4 million users captivated by his content.