“Ni Ruracio!” Diana Marua And Bahati Hold Secret Traditional Wedding

Bahati and Diana Marua took a significant step in solidifying their love by hosting a private traditional wedding over the recent weekend.

In anticipation of their upcoming 7th anniversary, Bahati and Diana Marua chose to formalize their relationship through a traditional wedding ceremony. The event was an intimate gathering, with only close family and friends gracing the occasion. Although the couple kept the specifics of the wedding under wraps, photographs from the celebration have surfaced on various social media platforms.

A video clip captures Milly Chebby and her husband Terence Creative, elegantly dressed in white attire with black stripes, while Diana looked stunning in African prints.

The long-awaited date for the highly-anticipated union between celebrated singer Bahati and content producer Diana Marua has been disclosed to the public. The couple, renowned for their captivating love story, unveiled their plan to exchange vows on December 12, 2023.

A video capturing Bahati’s heartfelt proposal to Diana Marua went viral on social media, stirring widespread excitement and joy. Diana joyfully accepted Bahati’s passionate proposal, a pivotal moment in their relationship.

Bahati promptly shared the momentous news with his followers on social media, along with the official wedding date.

Their traditional wedding ceremony occurred over the weekend, with limited information disclosed thus far. Additionally, the couple has marked their 7th anniversary by displaying a billboard commemorating the day Bahati rescued Diana from a challenging life on the streets.

Diana has often shared her transformative journey, particularly highlighting the wild life she led before crossing paths with Bahati.