Manzi wa Kibera: No man can handle me in Bed

Manzi wa Kibera has been dating a 65-year-old man for a couple of months now.

After unveiling him to the public , the socialite told that ‘he gives me the soft life’ and that

“huyu ndie mwenye hii mali, huyu ndie anakula hii mali,”

The two however do not reveal his name or any other personal details.

“in due time he will tell who he is” she said.

She added that he gives her the attention she craves and money to top it off.

How did they meet?Manzi was at the time in the news proposing to Mumias East Mp Peter Salasias who outright rejected her.

She felt disappointed but luck was in her lane.

The 65-year-old man noticed her and took her number.

“I missed my target -Salasya- but I got a better replacement huyu -mp- ako na maringo, lakini huyu ako na pesa ake akao na mali namsaidia kuchuinga mali.”

She gushed over his 65yr old lover,claiming no man can handle her better