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“Kibe is a demon, he is possessed seven times”- Guardian Angel Badly Slams Andrew Kibe.

Celebrated gospel singer, Guardian Angel has badly blasted former Kiss FM presenter, Andrew Kibe after he attacked his wife Esther Musila.

In an interview with a local daily, Angel said that he has no time to argue with the controversial media personality.

Kibe had earlier trolled Esther on his Instagram page calling her out for marrying a younger man.

“This is a black man’s curse! She is 52 and she is marrying a younger man. What is really going on?” Kibe questioned on the video.

Guardian said that Kibe is a possessed man with demons after he backslided from Christianity.

I will not respond to Andrew Kibe because he is not himself. Kibe was a zealous Christian before he went astray.

“It is written in the bible that when someone backslides he gets possessed seven times by more demons. So Kibe is a demon and I can’t argue with a demon,” Guardian said.