‘You Look Handsome In Person’-Huddah Crushes On Mulamwah

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe is known for class and good taste, and Comedian Mulamwah is one of type.

In a lovely text she shared to Mulamwah, Huddah has confirmed that she is indeed in love with the comedian shape.

The socialite expressed how she feels about Mulamwah on Instagram comment section.

The text has sparked mixed reactions on social media after revealing that the two met in undisclosed place.

Soo handsome in person, was great meeting you mulams,” she wrote.

The elated Comedian did not waste time to respond. He praised the socialite for being so beautiful.

You are cuter in person too,” he replied.

Here are some of reactions from Kenyans;

Morgan Kiplimo: Ile nyumba ya mulamwah itamalizwa 2040.

Wanjiru Daisy: Underline the “you look” not “you are” 😌😌🤐🤐Inshort ange focus kumwangalia na angle zote mambo ingekua tofauti 😹😹

Mercyline Muli: Ukiskia mtu akikwambia you look good in person jua kuna venye haubambi😅😅😅

Chepkolei: Alafu sisi handsome tutasema nn 🤣