Life of Iconic Kenyan Actor, OJ Years after Departing Tahidi High

Former Tahidi High actor OJ, whose real name is Dennis Mugo, once held a prominent status in Kenyan households, courtesy of his portrayal of the ‘bad boy’ character in the popular Citizen TV series. However, his prominence gradually waned following his departure from Tahidi High under various circumstances. This prompts the question: What became of OJ Tahidi after his exit from the limelight? Let’s delve into the life and challenges faced by Dennis Mugo since his departure from Tahidi High.

In a candid interview, OJ disclosed that life took a downward spiral during his hiatus from the screens, plunging him into a state of depression. To cope, he resorted to alcoholism and smoking, using them as masks to conceal his inner turmoil. He admitted to being at his lowest, consumed by stress and unable to envision a future. Reflecting on those dark times, he confessed, “…I got to a point in life where depression hit me, hard. So I could cover it up with humor, alcohol, smoking, with a lot of things…”

Amidst his struggles, OJ became a father to a son named Ethan, yet his relationship with his partner deteriorated due to his alcoholism and depression. His partner, now his ex, couldn’t withstand the toll of his struggles and chose to part ways, leaving him to confront his demons alone. Recounting this period, OJ shared, “At that time, I got my son Ethan with my Baby Mama… During those times she was my wife, but she left me because of alcoholism and depression,” as reported by The Standard.

After battling depression and alcoholism for years, OJ embarked on a journey of self-recovery, gradually weaning himself off alcohol. This marked a pivotal turning point in his life.

In a surprising twist, OJ made a comeback to Tahidi High after reclaiming control over his life. However, this time around, he assumed a different role within the show. Transitioning from his previous character, he portrayed a teacher alongside notable figures like Mr. Karimi. Despite appearing in several episodes in this capacity, OJ eventually departed from the show, opting to focus on his personal endeavors.

In essence, Dennis Mugo’s post-Tahidi High journey has been one of resilience and self-discovery, characterized by battles with depression and alcoholism, followed by a triumphant return to the spotlight, albeit in a different role.