Madness -Teacher fired after 14-year-old pupil records him begging her for sex -
Madness -Teacher fired after 14-year-old pupil records him begging her for sex
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Madness -Teacher fired after 14-year-old pupil records him begging her for sex

A South African teacher has been fired without notice after a 14-year-old
girl recorded him propositioning her for sex. The girl used a cellphone that her mom gave her to gather proof against the teacher.

The Welkom Preparatory School teacher was fired on Wednesday September 22, 2021 after the Education Labor Relations Council (ELRC) saw him as guilty of sexual assault on a pupil.

ELRC specialist Shiraz Osman, who listened to the recording, said the mother’s gesture to give her kid a cellphone was “an incredible idea”.

The student, alluded to as ‘Ms X’ in the finding, affirmed that she was uncomfortable when the teacher murmured in her ear that he was “not going to penetrate her too much”.

The kid told the board that the teacher was giving her a ride home in his vehicle on a rainy day. She sat in the front seat while two different kids were at the back.

“Ms X further testified that she had relayed the incident to her mother, who had given her a cellular phone to record the said teacher. A great thought. I must admit,” Osman said.

After two days, the young girl recorded the teacher revealing to her they would take a drive, drink liquor and kiss one another

“The educator went on to tell the learner that he desired her lips because they looked like her vagina. He asked the learner for her cell number and that the other learners should not know about the discussion that was held,” Osman said.

“He gave Ms X his cellphone number and asked her not to repeat what he had discussed. When the learner asked the educator for clarity about what she should ‘give’ him, the educator indicated that she will give him her vagina,” he added.

“She appeared to be an honest and bright young lady. I am not persuaded that she would fabricate such a story. In any event she had had the conversation recorded,” he said as he confirmed he was convinced by the girl’s testimony.

The accused teacher didn’t go for the hearing however in a written assertion he claimed the young lady asked him for liquor.

“He suggested that the learner had asked him if he would expect some sexual ‘payment’. Seemingly, the educator has a fabricated version,” Osman said.

“It is evident that the learner had been sexually assaulted by the educator. The sequence of events was corroborated by all the witnesses. There is nothing to suggest that any of these witnesses had indeed fabricated any of their testimonies.”

He ordered the teacher’s immediate dismissal.