Mbari ya Hiti: Murang’a clan struggles to distance itself from 'Team Mafisi' tag-Murang'a Kahuro
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Mbari ya Hiti: Murang’a clan struggles to distance itself from ‘Team Mafisi’ tag-Murang’a Kahuro

people from a clan in Kahuro, Murang’a County struggle to distance themselves from the so called womanizers initiated ‘team Mafisi’.

Mbari ya Hiti (interpreted as Hyena’s Clan) is the clan’s name. In view of their name, certain individuals associate it with Team Mafisi of men partial to salivating at ladies and talking about them in a sexual way.

The caln has had the name for quite a long time without getting ridiculed locally yet recent linking with Mafisi has irritated the tribe members on account of the disdain it has brought.

They are battling to sort records straight and disassociate from team Mafisi.

Sam Macharia, a son of this clan says contrasting them and ‘Mafisi’ has influenced their kids in school which bears the name Mbari ya Hiti.Their shopping center, church and factory also have this name.

“We see these so-called Mafisi celebrating us on social media as their followers. We are a reputable clan that should not be put in the same sentence with such a group of men. Linking us with them has deflated the self-esteem of our young people because they are mocked by agemates” Macharia laments.

“Our children get mocked by others when they meet but we just encourage them to be proud of their lineage. Or what can we do? We are tired of explaining ourselves but I hope this excitement will go away soon” says Joseph Mwangi, a member of the clan told K24 Digital.

In a past talk with Peter Nyaga, an elder from the village in his 90s said however the clan’s name is odd among Kikuyus, it steers clear of the manner in which hyenas act or the Team Mafisi.

“My grandchildren tell me about these people fond of women who claim we are related because we share names. They should not entangle us in their lustful affairs” Nyaga says.

As per him, their forefather picked the hyena’s name since his kin thought he was a rascal of a sort. A name that stuck with his relatives and are not able to drop it.