Natalie Githinji Mourns the Death of Her Cat, Appeals for Financial Help

Kenyan media personality Natalie Githinji, renowned for her content creation, is currently in a state of mourning following the passing of her beloved cat, Mimi.

The Nrg radio presenter took to social media to share the heart-wrenching news with her devoted fans. In a poignant post, she expressed the profound bond she shared with Mimi, describing the feline as her best friend who provided unwavering support, particularly during challenging times such as post-surgery periods and the struggles of dealing with endometriosis.

Despite the grief she is experiencing, Natalie emphasized her commitment to continuing with her work, humorously remarking that she is not incapacitated, saying, “I’m grieving, but I’m still working. It’s not like I’m incapable now. 😅😅😅 But man, I’m so hurt. Seriously, I might even find it difficult to get another pet. 😭😭😭😭 It hurts so bad.”

In a heartfelt tribute to Mimi, she bid farewell with a message: “R.I.P Mimi, I love you so much, man. You were always there for me, especially after my surgeries and when endometriosis was challenging me. Animals are honestly the best; they deserve everything. I pray Mimi finds peace in heaven. 😇 😇 He passed away in 2024, not 2023. 🤣🤣 Understand, I’m dealing with the stress of my child. I don’t know how I’ll bury him and with what resources. He told me he wants a purple coffin, and I don’t have the means. 😭😭😂🙏 REST IN PEACE.”

In a plea for assistance, Natalie reached out to her fellow Kenyans, requesting support for a dignified burial for her cherished companion. She shared details on how fans could contribute and, while expressing gratitude, asked them not to exceed a contribution of Ksh 20. She provided the paybill number for Mimi’s burial as 8059966 and requested fans to forward her the message in her DM, emphasizing the financial limit for contributions. In closing, she expressed her gratitude for the outpouring of love during this difficult time, acknowledging the pain of losing a beloved animal friend.