Size 8 Says DJ Mo Overpowers Her In The Bedroom, Says Prayers Have Kept Their Marriage Going For Past 10 Years

In a recent interview on a popular YouTube channel, Size 8, the renowned gospel singer and pastor, opened up about her successful marriage and offered advice to couples on how to strengthen their relationship through faith and prayer.

Size 8 attributed the longevity of her marriage, which has lasted for a remarkable decade, to the power of prayer. She emphasized that prayers have played a vital role in keeping her marriage strong and resilient over the years.

During the discussion, Size 8 highlighted the significance of intimacy within a marital bond. She acknowledged that maintaining intimacy can be challenging at times, admitting that there are moments when she feels tired and uninterested. However, she shared that she prays for strength in such situations, relying on the Holy Spirit to ignite passion within her. By seeking divine assistance, she ensures that she can fulfill the intimate needs of her husband, DJ Mo.

The couple’s prayers extend beyond their individual needs. Size 8 expressed her desire for DJ Mo to never grow weary or disinterested in their relationship, and through her unwavering prayers, this has never been an issue.

Furthermore, Size 8 emphasized that discussing intimacy with God should not be a cause for embarrassment or hesitation. She firmly believes that God created intimacy and encourages individuals to approach Him without reservation, seeking His guidance and blessings in this important aspect of their lives.

DJ Mo, in response, shared his own perspective on being a devoted husband. He revealed that even after years of marriage, he continues to surprise his wife by purchasing chocolates, demonstrating his affection and thoughtfulness.

Size 8 and DJ Mo’s candid insights into their marriage serve as an inspiration for couples striving to strengthen their relationship through faith, prayer, and small gestures of love. Their testimony highlights the significance of a spiritual connection in achieving a fulfilling and enduring partnership.