“Akothee Niko Ready Nikuje Nikutoe Nyege, Tunajua Omosh ako na Toothpick Hafikishi”, Andrew Kibe tells Akothee

The ongoing feud between Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, and Andrew Kibe, two celebrities known for their no-nonsense attitudes, has escalated to an alarming level. The root cause of this conflict can be traced back to Kibe’s comparison of Akothee to Millicent Omanga, and his derogatory comments about her wedding, her wedding makeup, and her husband Omosh. After taking some time to contemplate Kibe’s criticism,

Akothee eventually decided to respond a week later. However, her response on her official Facebook page was less than courteous, as she labeled Kibe a failure with a low libido and insulted him using crude language.

In retaliation, Kibe hit back at Akothee, unaware that he was inviting fire. He started by suggesting that Akothee had nothing good to offer, which was why she chose a younger white man for a husband. Kibe went on to offer to take over Omosh’s bedroom duties, implying that Akothee’s husband was not up to the task. Kibe even went as far as stating that he was willing to fly from the USA to fulfill Akothee’s conjugal rights, satisfy her, and then leave for the US.

Kibe suggested that the only way to silence Akothee and prevent her from agitating Kenyans was to give her a good cucumber. He advised her to focus on her husband and stop engaging in online conflicts with losers.

In summary, the conflict between Akothee and Kibe has escalated to unacceptable levels, and their derogatory remarks and insults towards each other are highly inappropriate. It would be best for both parties to put an end to this feud and move on amicably.