“You gave me hell when I gave you grace,” Edday Nderitu blasting Samidoh?

Edday Nderitu, the wife of musician Samidoh, appears to be struggling with the aftermath of her tumultuous relationship with the father of her three children. Despite admitting his wrongdoings and publicly apologizing in 2021, Samidoh returned to Karen Nyamu and even had a second child with the senator.

Throughout this time, Nderitu has been seen defending and standing by her husband on social media, but it seems her patience and self-control have run out. Her recent uploads on Instastories suggest that Nderitu may be going through a difficult period after being betrayed romantically by Samidoh with Nyamu.

On Saturday evening, Nderitu posted a video to express how she feels about yelling at her man after he humiliated her by flirting with sidekicks. In the video, she recited words that expressed how she felt unvalued by her partner, despite all the love and commitment she had given him.

For a long time, Edday has supported her husband despite being humiliated by his actions. The most recent incident occurred in December last year in Dubai when Nyamu tried to dance with Samidoh. Nderitu intervened, trying to remove the politician from her husband’s lap.

Since then, Samidoh and Nyamu are no longer together, with the nominated senator dumping him after the embarrassing incident.