DJ Fatxo: Sabina Chege is not my Mumama -

DJ Fatxo: Sabina Chege is not my Mumama

DJ Fatxo has refuted claims of having a romantic relationship with politician Sabina Wanjiru Chege, dismissing rumors that she has been financially supporting his extravagant lifestyle. During an interview with Mpasho’s Kalondu Musyimi, Fatxo addressed the speculations and expressed his respect for Chege.

He clarified that when he purchased his Mercedes, people immediately assumed it was a gift from Chege, but in reality, he had not yet finished paying for the car, and the car company did not pressure him for payment. Fatxo disclosed that he is currently facing financial difficulties after three months of unemployment, but he emphasized that he has never gone hungry as God’s grace has always provided for him.

He further acknowledged the rumors of having a “God Father,” attributing them to the blessings he has received. Fatxo believes that certain individuals are attempting to tarnish his reputation as his career gains momentum. He mentioned previous instances where he was falsely accused, such as people claiming he didn’t write his own songs when he first entered the industry.

He also addressed recent allegations of being gay and having his car purchased by a businessman from Mwea. Fatxo urged those spreading lies to be consistent in their falsehoods, asserting that people are not easily deceived. Furthermore, he emphasized his strong spiritual beliefs.