List of cars Bahati Gifted Diana—where does this boy get money from?

Diana Bahati’s life in Kenya is marked by extraordinary fortune. Over the course of just four years, she has been the recipient of an impressive number of vehicles, generously gifted to her by her spouse, Bahati. The most recent addition to her collection is a lavish Range Rover with a market value of Ksh 22 million.

Bahati, a musician, maintains a monthly income of less than Ksh 1 million, which has raised questions about the source of his extravagant gifts to Diana. In total, he has bestowed upon her a remarkable fleet of vehicles valued at a staggering Ksh 50 million. Naturally, this has led to speculation and skepticism among some, who question the authenticity of these gifts.

There are those in Bahati’s circle who claim that the cars in question are not personally owned but instead part of a car hire business co-owned by Bahati and his wife. According to this perspective, the ostentatious display of these vehicles serves a dual purpose: to sustain their public image and attract sponsored content opportunities. In this narrative, it is suggested that the public is subtly coerced into believing that Diana is the object of immense love and admiration, and that Bahati stands as a paragon of husbands in Kenya.

The widespread attention that Diana Bahati’s opulent lifestyle has garnered has, interestingly, evoked mixed sentiments among the women of Kenya. Many have begun to compare their own circumstances with those of Diana, which has, in some cases, led to feelings of discontent and disillusionment with their own partners.